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How do I dispense a prescription?
How do I dispense a prescription?
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SignatureRx is a system that allows doctors to issue private electronic prescriptions that comply with The Human Medicine Regulation 2012. You can dispense a prescription through our dedicated dispense prescription page.

You would need to start by entering the prescription ID followed by the patient's DOB. If any of these details are incorrect, you will not be able to view the prescription.

If you are a Boots store, you must select 'Boots' from the Pharmacy Group drop-down.

Once you click search, assuming the details are correct, you will be presented with a dispensing page which shows the e-prescription.


Before you proceed, please look for the 'Available for dispensing' status, which confirms that the prescription is safe to dispense.

You should NOT dispense a prescription if you see any of the below statuses:



Already dispensed

Please confirm stock and pricing with the patient if you are happy to proceed with dispensing.


Clicking this icon will allow you to download the PDF dispensing token, which you can print for your records.

Once the patient has paid, please click the


button, this will display a popup which will ask for some details about your pharmacy.

Once you have marked a prescription as dispensed, the patient can not collect this at another pharmacy.

There is a one-page user guide attached for your reference.

If you are a Boots store, please follow the guidance provided to you by the Boots hub team.

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