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Why do I need to pay for my prescription?
Why do I need to pay for my prescription?
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All prescriptions issued through SignatureRx are private, meaning the NHS does not subsidise them.

The pharmacy would charge you the price of the medication plus a dispensing fee; on some occasions, this could be cheaper than the standard NHS charge, or on others, it might be more.

As the prescriptions are subsidised by the NHS, pre-payment certificates and other NHS exemptions are not valid for our prescriptions at any pharmacy.

Some private insurance policies can include medication coverage; if this is the case, you can claim a reimbursement for the cost of the medication. To do this, you would usually require a receipt which outlines the drug issued, price, date and pharmacy details. We recommend you contact your insurance before paying for your medication to determine if they cover medicine and their requirements.

SignatureRx does not take or charge the pharmacy a commission for dispensing prescriptions.

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