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Printing FP10CD prescriptions
Printing FP10CD prescriptions
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Pre-paid prescription collection or label for your scripts

Using the SignatureRx secure online portal, you can:

  • Manage your patients and add FP10CD prescriptions

  • Print FP10CD prescriptions onto the pads using your own printer - no additional hardware required

  • Track and view all printed FP1CC0D prescriptions

Admin access allows administrators to prepopulate information for prescribers to later sign and print when they log into their account.

We cover the costs in pre-paid prescription collection or label for your prescriptions.

Using our portal, you can select how you send the original prescriptions to us:

  • You can print the secure tracked label and post the prescription using the letterbox

  • Royal Mail can bring their own returns label and collect the prescriptions from you

  • You can drop the prescriptions off at a post office near you

Once we have the prescriptions, we deliver to the patient with the whole process taking less than 48 hours from printing to delivery of medication to patient

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