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Jelly Software Integration
Jelly Software Integration
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If you want to give your patients the ability to take your prescription directly to their local pharmacy, we have integrated with a company called SignatureRx that handles All-in-One Digital Health Records and Electronic Private Prescriptions.

When you create an account with SignatureRx, each prescriber will be given their own integration code. Type this code into that user’s details in settings->users-> edit.

To create a SignatureRx prescription, click on the ‘+’ icon on the pharmacy screen and select SignatureRx.

Important: Please make sure after adding a medicine (e.g. Amoxicillin cap 500mg), that you add the dosage instructions immediately after the medicine. There are many abbreviations available that can speed this up. For example, if you type t1? It expands to “take one”, or tds? Expands to “three times daily.

Once you are ready to send the prescription to SignatureRx, select the relevant Send to option from the menu next to that prescription. You will be asked to enter your 6 digit PIN. You will only be asked for this the first time in your session.

The prescription details are then sent to the patient, which can then be taken to any pharmacy in the UK.

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