Hero Health Integration
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Write a private prescription for medication issued within EMIS using SignatureRx.

Hero has partnered with SignatureRx to enable private prescribing directly from your Hero account. Relevant prescriptions are pulled directly from EMIS and sent out via Hero, enabling practices to administer prescriptions seamlessly. Patients can then collect their prescriptions from any UK pharmacy using the code they received.

How does it work?

Issue your prescription in EMIS

Navigate to Hero and select the patient that you want to issue a prescription for and click ‘Create Prescription’.

Pull prescriptions from within EMIS and select which prescriptions you want to send over to that patient.

Include any additional notes and edit the prescription amount if needed within Hero

Enter your SignatureRx pin and the prescription is sent directly to the patient.

Patients can collect their prescription from any UK pharmacy by showing their code or patients can be sent their prescriptions via post.

Gone are the days of paper prescriptions; everything you need is sent by Hero Health and stored by SignatureRx. Once the prescriptions have been issued, you can subsequently invoice the patient within Hero for this and collect payment in one seamless flow.

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